Care in your own residence

Home Care Service Sabine Zunder

Personal advice and care.

Do you need daily help to have a wash, taking a shower and getting dressed? We’ll come to your place every day at exactly agreed times.

Do you need help when taking a shower just 2 or 3 times a week? We'll help as needed.

Do you need help to follow doctor’s orders? We are there to help.

For relatives who help with home care:

Do you need time off or regular support in home care? We offer relief.

We are trained and qualified home care experts with many years of experience in out-patient care.

Our services:

On call 24/7

Geriatric and nursing care

Care during vacation

Monitoring and following doctor’s orders, e.g. preparing and giving prescribed medication, insulin injections, compression therapy, changing dressings, and much more

Personal help and support, going for walks, shopping help, standing in for relatives during their absence

Advice on all issues around care in old age or sickness

Co-operation and consultation with other service providers

For more information, go to our website or give us a call. Anytime!

Contact: 922374215

Mobile: 618968821